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Espevær Laks AS is a salmon slaughterhouse on Bømlo. The fish comes in with live fish carriers, before it is cooled down, the throat is cut for the fish to bleed out, the fish gets packaged and then it is sent out to all over the world by truck or plane. Espevær Laks AS can slaughter as much as 90 ...

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Brewery Tradition

Maybe the most famous product of our region is beer. Because bavaria is known for its native drink all over the world. And this is only because our beer tastes the best. You can attribute this to the long brewing tradition the bavarian use now since 1516. Wahrscheinlich ist eines der bekanntesten Produkte unserer Region Bier. Das ist so, weil ...

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Lettuce Autumn and winter is the time for the oak leaf lettuce crops . It has a crunchy leaf, curly compact and sweet. It is ideal for salads.

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Strawebires Weather conditions make possible the production of strawberries in our region. In the 1960s there was a huge explosion in the production of them in the area . These strawberries have an intense red colour, sweet flavour with a touch of acidity, fleshy texture and a pleasant aroma.

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Kuddby Power’s main task is to convert sunlight into energy!

The suncellspark consists of 1232 suncells and it’s the first one in Östergötland, with 1200 suncells on a surface of 2000 sqaure kilometers. The energy production is 329,000 kWh per year, which is energy for 27 houses and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide with 160 tons a year. The yearly production is about 330000 kWh that lasts to 20 villas ...

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