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CHEESE Lozère is a department located in the South East of France. It’s a rural area, therefore lots of cows, goats and ewes stride across our pastures. This is the reason why we find lots of farms which produce milk, and these same farms often produce their own cheese. In Lozère, you will find a wide variety of cheese : ...

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MEAT PRODUCTION Lozère is a rural department located in the South East of France, which boasts a mountainous landscape scattered with pastures. Thus livestock farming (cattle, sheep, poultry, pig) is a booming sector of activity : Lozère is famous for its high-quality meat that both inhabitants and tourists can enjoy at lunch or dinner, for specific occasions, traditional meals, or ...

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Fruit Different types of fruit are present in Lozère, especially in the south where we can find many chestnut trees. Many jobs are created through the harvesting and processing of chestnuts, apples, pears and red berries. For a healthy diet, we can bite into fruit at any time of the day. Thanks to them, we produce delicious jams to spread ...

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Flour, bread and biscuits

Flour, bread and biscuits   When you eat biscuits and bread, you can promote local products while taking care of your health!   FLOUR   MINOTERIE DE LA COLAGNE MOULIN DE LA COLAGNE 48100 CHIRAC (+33) 04 66 32 70 03   To eat good bread and biscuits, the best is to buy those made with the flour produced ...

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Show Your Support By Wearing Steelers Jerseys

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