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Kuddby Power’s main task is to convert sunlight into energy!

The suncellspark consists of 1232 suncells and it’s the first one in Östergötland, with 1200 suncells on a surface of 2000 sqaure kilometers. The energy production is 329,000 kWh per year, which is energy for 27 houses and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide with 160 tons a year. The yearly production is about 330000 kWh that lasts to 20 villas ...

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Welcome to an old electrical firm that’s thinking new!

This company offers the latest in electrical engineering and automation. The company listens carefully to customer requirements of both solutions, implementation and costs. Everything to make the most of the mission. NEAB has extensive experience in project planning and in the areas of power, lighting, KNX and weak stream. 
Voltage optimization is a well established and proven technology that matches ...

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Give yourself a chance to a healthy lifestyle!

This company offers you help with e.g nutrition counseling, exercising and inspiration. In this blog: you can read more about health, nutrition, as well as about the company itself. There is a fitness app, Mama Shape, a complete training program for the whole body, without tools! You can also attend various courses in Norrköping e.g. Stroller Bootcamp, Mom Strong ...

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Östergötland, Sweden

Östergötland has for a long time been an agricultural landscape with access to a lot of forest. In the 1800s, Norrköping was a rapidly growing industrial city and is one of Northern Europe’s best preserved ones with several environments from this time. Large employers in the province is, for example, Siemens, Holmen Paper, University of Linköping, Cloetta Fazer, and Saab ...

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Sweden Project Visits

Three students from our school; Tove, Jennifer and Désirée travelled to Bömlo, Norway with two teachers. We were welcomed by the headmaster and the Head of Education and Sports in Bömlo. To get to know each other, we worked in international groups. One international group presented the Common European Future House, which was created in Germany. We got to know ...

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Sweden About Us

March 23rd, 2016 Students from the University visited us. They wanted to know what students in yera 9 were thinking about today’s climate change. Exampels of questions that were discussed:  – What do you think of when it comes to climate change? – Where have learned most about the climate (school/media/at home) -How often do you think of the climate ...

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