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Turkey Project visits

Project visits Bomlo (May 29th-June 4th 2016): 6 Turkish students and 3 Teachers went to Amberg to present their work on the environment. They had a wonderful time there: they learnt a lot of things through the visits organized and also had a lot of fun! Here are some photos of their stay there…               ...

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Turkey News

We have voted for the best logo…                                                    We have informed our students and parents about the project and also we have carried out our questionnaires to parents and students…                      ...

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ŞEMSETTİN KARAHİSARİ SECONDARY SCHOOL          First of all, we would be grateful to inform you about the origin of our school’s name: Şemsettin Karahisari. The name of our school derives from one of the most well-known and talented calligraphers of Ottoman Empire, Ahmed Şemseddin Karahisari. He was born in Karahisar, which is currently known as Afyonkarahisar, in 1468 ...

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