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Lozère is a department located in the South East of France.

It’s a rural area, therefore lots of cows, goats and ewes stride across our pastures.

This is the reason why we find lots of farms which produce milk, and these same farms often produce their own cheese.

In Lozère, you will find a wide variety of cheese : firm, runny, musky, aged or fresh…

Cow’s cheese, sheep’s chesse or goat’s cheese, there is cheese to suit everyone’s tastes !

Who are our partner companies ?

There are many farms which produce cheese in Lozère. Below is a selection of some of them:


Le Mazet, 48100 LACHAMP

(+33) //

GAEC Ressouche’s company is managed by Olivier and Nadège Resssouche.

The farm numbers about 60 cows.

Village, 48100 St Bonnet de Chirac


« Les Bleuets » is a farm owned by Barbara Lopez who produces cow’s cheese (tomme and blue cheese) and sheep’s cheese.


They are located in a pollution-free environment and all their products are made locally and with passion!

For more information on these farms and products:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with the producers !

You can also visit our project website and read the articles (“articles on visits of local farms”):


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