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The Collège Notre Dame:
The Collège Notre Dame is a middle school which numbers around 300 pupils and 25 teachers. All the pupils of the school from 6th grade to 9th grade are taking part in the F.A.C.E. project. The pupils from the “Section Européenne”, pupils who have an optional two-hour English course every week, will act as ambassadors of the school during project mobilities. They are in charge of making the ecological house model in year 1, and of all communication and dissemination activities.


Marvejols is a little town located at the heart of Lozère, a rural county situated in the South East of France.



The 15 students who are going to travel to Germany and Norway during the first year of the project are 9th graders who follow the Section Européenne optional course.

They will be the ambassadors of the school for the environmental topic.

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