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Visits of local farms:
To help our students get a better overview of our main sector of activity in Lozère, that is agriculture and the food-processing industry, several visits have been organized to local farms for various classes of students. The 6th grades have met farmers that work with cattle raising for production of milk, dairy products (cheese and yoghurts), and meat. Some 7th grades and 9th grades “Prépa Pro” have visited a local shop called “La Grange” which gathers around ten producers who sell their products such as honey, meat, cheese, etc.

A sensitization day on the benefits of eating local fruit:
On October 17th, the 19 students of the 3ème Prépa Pro organized an action to sensitize their schoolmates to the benefits of eating local and seasonal fruit.
They distributed locally-grown apples as well as locally-made chestnut lemonade to the 300 students of the school and explained the meaning of their action with an oral presentation.
Visit of the primary schools – June 13th, 2016:
2 classes from neighbouring primary schools came to our school on June 13th. Our 15 pupils from the Section Européenne presented all the work of the year with different workshops, and also the posters from the partner countries that were gathered for the final European Environmental Exhibition.

All the pupils had a great time: the older ones were happy to share their work, and the younger ones were happy to learn while having fun! Here are some photos:



The “FACES” of our project:

Here is a video that was shot to present all the people (students and teachers) who took part in Year 1 of the project. Diane speaks to explain the role of each of these persons in project work.

The Faces of our Project

Intervention of the ONF (National Forest Office)
On May 13th, the 60 pupils from the 9th grades got the visit of Mr Nogaret, from the “ONF” in Lozère. He came to explain the missions of this national organization whose role is to manage forests in a sustainable way on the whole French territory. He focused his presentation on the influence of climate change on the forests in Lozère, and on the actions carried out by the ONF to help forests adapt to global warming.

Visit of a local waste treatment plant

Waste treatment plant

On March 23rd, several 6th grade students went to visit a local waste treatment plant. The plant, located in Mende (the main city in Lozère), applies rigorous methods for the treatment of waste (mechanical sorting out and burial of the waste, bioreactor…). The students were also amazed by the strong commitment of our county to manage waste in an efficient way as well as reduce the environmental impact of human activity in our region: thus specific precautions are applied for the burial of the waste, the gases emitted are systematically burnt, the heat produced is reused, etc.
Two students from the Section Européenne, Rémi and Thomas, accompanied them to take some photos and shoot a video report. You can watch the photos in the slide above. The video will be uploaded soon!
Construction of the ecological house model:
After several weeks of research and getting knowledge through interventions of local companies or experiments in physics classes, the 15 students of the Section Européenne have started building the model that will be presented in Germany. The model is not finished yet, but they had a lot of fun! Here are some photos.

Construction model


Creation of project logos:

For the past few weeks, the sixty 9th grade students have worked at creating a logo for the FACE project. Only 2 were selected for the final election with the partners, but many of them were very good! Here is a sample of the logos designed and drawn by the students.

 French logos

Visit of a water treatment plant
On November 25th, some 7th grade students visited a local water treatment plant. The objective was for them to understand the importance of recycling water, as well as the various stages of the process. They are making a model of a water treatment plant for our FACE project. Two 9th grade students, Yaël and Eloïse, followed them to shoot a report that you will be able to watch soon on our YouTube channel. Here are some photos:


Intervention of a local company: Orlhac

On October 6th, the manager of a local company named Orlhac and his associate came to school to talk to our Erasmus students. Orlhac is specialized in the building of wood frame environmental-friendly houses. They came to present their activity and to give students knowledge as to the use of ecological materials for insulation and how to build an energy-efficient house. This knowledge will be useful for students for choices of materials to make their model.

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