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Different types of fruit are present in Lozère, especially in the south where we can find many chestnut trees. Many jobs are created through the harvesting and processing of chestnuts, apples, pears and red berries. For a healthy diet, we can bite into fruit at any time of the day.

Thanks to them, we produce delicious jams to spread on a slice of bread. We also make refreshing lemonade and juice for whenever you fancy a fruity drink !

Here is a selection of local producers specialized in the harvesting of fruit, and/or their processing into juices, lemonades and jams/spreads… all of them healthy products!

One of the specialities of Bénédicte Rameau is the « délice de marrons », a kind of chestnut spread, but which contains less sugar than the ordinary one. She also makes apple juice from the apples that grow on her trees !

« Les Vergers d’Olt » produce different kinds of fruit according to the season : apples, pears, strawberries and raspberries. All the delicious fruit you can find in Lozère !


The « Brasserie d’Olt » makes lemonade from different kinds of fruit or plants (chestnut, fig, blueberry, gentian, etc.) made with no preservatives or artificial colourings. A healthier way of quenching your thirst !

« La Grange » is a shop dedicated to local prodcuts and which gathers 21 local producers. You will find seasonal fruit and vegetables there, as well as a wide variety of jams.

Don’t hesitate to go shopping there, because there is also a vast choice of products (meat, cheese, honey, syrup, etc.)!










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