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Norway Project Visits

Amberg – 6th-12th March 2016
In March, five of the Norwegian students travelled to Amberg, Germany. It was a 12 hour long trip by plane and train. 
In Germany we got to visit a lot of interresting places, like the City hall, kurfursten bad, the bowling alley, passive houses and the monastery.
Highlights from our stay in Germany:
I miss everyone I met down in Amberg;)

I was very lucky, because the girl I lived with was really nice and she always made sure I was happy and had everything I needed. She was very caring and her family was lovely.
On the freetime we talked and laughed a lot together both alone and with her family. Her family was caring and they always asked me if I was ok if something seemed wrong.
I had a lot of fun with Maika, and I can’t wait to see her again

The Monday was fun, I liked that we got a chance to see what they do in their religion class, because it was totally different from in Norway. I didn’t understand much because everything happened in German.
The Tuesday in Muchen was fun; the museum was ok but not the most exciting thing. Some of us took a cab to the Olympia-park which was awesome…
The Wednesday was fun, I liked the bowling part, the only thing I didn’t like was in the start when all the fuzz about who was going to be with who on the different teams.
The Thursday in Nurnberg was warm! The shopping part was fun, because we got to go all of us Norwegians together. And also the pizza was really good
The Friday was a probably the worst day, because that was the day we had to pack our bags
LThe Party in the evening was ok, some of the food was really good.
Saturday = Home today! The Saturday was sad because we had to go home. The morning at the train station was sad, because everyone was crying and hugging. The trip home was long because I was a little sick

Thank you for a lovely week in Amberg it was very exciting!

Ronja Larsen

My trip to Germany

My trip to Germany was amazing, I never thought that I would have so much fun, and meet so many amazing people.

We did a lot of awsome things like looking around all the museums, going to WATERWORLD. Making a lot of new memories.

My exchange partner Miriam was very nice and funny. Her family was really cool and also funny. Something I didn’t now was that Miriam had two exchange partner, Me and also Nerea from Spain. She was cute and also funny >-<. I had a lot of fun staying at Miriam’s house.

We did a lot of things, but there where days were we just relaxed, talk and also laugh so much our tummy hurt. Shopping was one of those days where I could go around and have a look around the town and also the shops >-<. Going home from all the shopping was the best part, it was that time where I could eat and talk to my family and also relax.

Watching from my room how the city is at night and at day time, was beautiful. I love the view from the room I shared with Nerea. It was almost the best part of the house! I learn a lot of this trip, and although it was a little boring, I think I learn something I will carry on my why to my future.

Now I’m really exited to the people who’s coming here in Norway, in the end of may. I can’t wait! Hope to see some known faces around here.

Thank u Amberg for showing me a lot on that week!

Lots of hugs


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