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Sweden Project Visits

Three students from our school; Tove, Jennifer and Désirée travelled to Bömlo, Norway with two teachers.
We were welcomed by the headmaster and the Head of Education and Sports in Bömlo.
To get to know each other, we worked in international groups.
One international group presented the Common European Future House, which was created in Germany.
We got to know Norway “in a nutshell”; beautiful scenery, canoeing, bathing in the Fjords, pouring rain, sunny and hot weather and snow.
We had an open exhibition about Environmental work from each country.
We listened to several lectures from local presenters about this year’s topic; Environmental and Technical Challenges.
We did excursions to Viking Poseidon (an ecological vessel), to Bremnes Seashore (a salmon farm) and to Bråfalli Vik (a hydropower station).
The students created cars that ran on solar cells and then we had a car race.
The week ended with the Erasmus+ FACE party and the FACE dance.
Students’ evaluations

EVALUATION ‎(utvärdering)‎ – Tove Toomson 7E Ek

EVALUATION ‎(utvärdering)‎ – Jennifer Dahlin Pettersson 8C Ek

AMBERG, Germany 
6th March-12th March 2016
We had a very exciting week and we all learned a lot about renewable resources, and new technical inventions that could be possible for the future!! A very important subject for all countries and for the whole of Europe.
But lets start from the beginning.
5 students from Ektorpsskolan in Norrköping; Jennifer, Ruben, Malin, Nelly and Daniella travelled to Amberg, in Germany with two of their teachers. From Norrköping we took the train to Arlanda, the airport in Stockholm to fly to Nürnberg and continue with train again to the final destination; Amberg.
After many hours of traveling and a good night’s sleep we were very nicely welcomed to the school by the headmaster.
The students introduced themselves, their schools and where they came from to a big audience. The presentations included power points with nice pictures and everything was in English of course. Very brave when you only are 13-14 years old!!
Then a visit at the Town Hall and we were very warmly welcomed by the Mayor.
During the week we visited The German Museum i Munich, a centre in Ensdorf about renewable energy resources and the Documentation Center in Nuremberg. They were all very informative visits and gave us a lot of knowledge and things to think about.


We also amused ourselves. Here; bowling in international groups. Very appreciated!
The students presented their future houses to each other. There were so many good ideas and solutions to save energy through e. g. sun, wind and water power and how to store and share the enery.


After a week full of new impressions, visits, work shops and guided tours at museums, oral presentations and to get to know so many new people it was really nice to finish of with a party with a lot of Bavarian food.
Fantastic how music and dance can join students from so many different countries.
The STUDENTS’s thoughts about the week in Amberg.

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